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100% accessible series and movies at your reach.

PingPlay is an app developed for the exhibition of accessible content in movie theaters, at your house, or wherever you want.

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To facilitate the access to audiovisual content to everyone through all means, platforms, channels, etc.

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The app for the streaming of accessible content developed by the top specialist company in accessibility in Brazil: ETC Filmes.

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Aplicativo Ping Play
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It turns visual information into audio, interposed with dialog, to make the movie accessible to people who are visually impaired.

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It indicates, in words, all the sound information of the movie, from dialog between characters to environment sounds, effects, and even music.

Icone Libras


On-video resource with sign language interpretation to help the deaf and hard of hearing to understand the audiovisual content.


It enhances the dialog channels for the hard-of-hearing audience.

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It’s the possibility of choosing among audios and subtitles in different languages for your content.

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Why choose PingPlay?

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Each movie gets a full circuit, including the rooms its being played at and its showtimes while its showing at cinemas. Our goal is to allow the audience to choose, through the app, where to watch a movie.

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We upload the trailer for each movie with accessible content so that the audience may get to know the movie and develop some interest in it.

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The app was developed with Brazilian projects’ reality in mind, considering the opinions of cinema owners, distributors, and final audience.

Icone Doc


Monthly reports containing information to provide a better analysis of the audience, accessible content, and user experience.


Icone Globe


The content may only be accessed at the movie theaters your movie is showing.

Icone Segurança


We’re TPN Gold Shield, the highest level of security in the worldwide audiovisual industry.

Icone Criptografia


The “end-to-end encryption” is a security mechanism that protects data available in different services. It is called “end-to-end” because only the sender and the recipient involved in the process have access to the information.

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The DRM uses different techniques to protect digital content. One of its main strategies is the encryption, which encodes the content in a way it can only be accessed by those who own the decryption key. It stops non-authorized third parties from accessing the materials.

How does it work?

The app uses a technology to sync through audio, which streams the accessibility content, simultaneously with the video, in your device’s screen. Designed to be simple and easy to use.

  • Select a movie
  • Download the content
  • Press Play and wait for a few seconds
The app needs an Internet connection just to download the resources. There is no need of a connection to watch the content.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the app?

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The app was developed to work on Android and iOS, therefore, to download it, access your phone’s app store.

Is this a resource-draining app?

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When downloading the accessibility resources, those files will take up space of your phone. However, when they aren’t needed anymore, these files will be automatically deleted 24 hours after their download. Other than that, the user is free to manually delete such files.

Is this a battery-draining app?

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The app is optimized to drain as little battery as possible, but, if used for prolonged periods, it may lead to the drainage of battery because of the high screen brightness suggested for a better visibility during the use of the app.

Does the app use my Internet plan?

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The accessible files may be downloaded through any secure Wi-Fi network before the movie is watched. For instance, the user may download them at their home. If the user decides to download the accessibility files with their Internet data plan, the plan will, consequently, be used.

What should be done if the app stops responding?

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To download the content, the app needs a stable connection with the Internet. Check if your device is connected to the Internet and try again. In case the error persists, contact us through our customer service.

How does the sync work?

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When activated, the app register audio segments from your surroundings and compares them to provide accessibility content in the exact corresponding moment. It’s important to notice that protective cases for devices, and earphones with embedded microphones may interfere in the audio capture.

What should be done if the app doesn’t sync?

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Close the app and restart it. Make sure the microphone is active and nothing is blocking it. If the problem persists, totally delete the app before reinstalling it on your device.

Will the movie (image and sound) also be available on the app?

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The app will never make the movie available to the user. After capturing the audio and internally checking if the syncing was done, the accessibility resources specific to that movie will be made available to the user.

May I access the resources in any movie theater?

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The resources may be synced in any room or session the movie is shown. If the movie is available in dubbed and subtitled versions, remember to download the resources of the version you’re going to watch.

Is PingPlay responsible for the production of the accessibility resources found on the platform?

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No, the production of accessibility resources is a responsibility of the movies’ producers and/or distributors.

Dubbed and Subtitled Versions

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Some movies have two different versions: the dubbed and the subtitled versions. The user must have downloaded, in their device, the same version they are about to watch, assuring, therefore, the performance of the app and the syncing of the resource with the content.

Apparently, the accessibility resources are the same for both versions. However, so that the app may identify and sync the audio, it must identify the audio of the movie and, since each version has a different audio (Portuguese or another language), the app will only identify and sync the audio if the user has downloaded the corresponding version.

Other than that, the user experience is directly affected by a different audio description resource. In the subtitled version, other than the audio description, the resource includes dubbing or Voice Over (interpreted reading of subtitles) so that the visually impaired audience may have access to dialog, other than descriptions. All of this makes sure the content is fully understood.

What are the differences between the “Cinema” and “On Demand” versions?

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The difference may present itself as a technical issue (frame rate) or as different movie versions, that is, with a content and/or sketch edit.

If there are any doubts, contact us.

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